Japanese Cooking Course Syllabus

Learn from professional chefs of the renowned TSUJI Culinary Institute as they guide you through the wonderful world of Japanese cuisine!

Originally created for the training of professional Japanese chefs, this series of instructional DVDs will teach you the fundamentals — the core techniques, ingredients and flavor profiles — of authentic Japanese dishes & classic recipes. You’ll learn to apply the skills of Japanese culinary professionals right in your own kitchen!

Set of 12 Instructional Cooking DVDs Includes

  • English language recipes of all the dishes prepared by TSUJI’s professors
  • Bonus discussions of details of Japanese cooking and cuisine

Your lessons start with the foundation of the Japanese kitchen, the proper preparation of Dashi stock and the most thorough description of Sashimi preparation available anywhere outside Japan.

From these building blocks, ESSENTIAL JAPANESE COOKING moves on to the fundamental and important cooking methods found in the Japanese kitchen – Simmering, Broiling, Steaming, Deep-frying and more.

Mastery of these practical Japanese culinary skills, possessed by every Japanese chef, will enable you to prepare a myriad of traditional Japanese dishes in your own kitchen.

Complete Course Syllabus

Lessons 1 – 12

Lessons 13 – 24

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