Preparing Sashimi

DVD 2: Lessons 3 - 4

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  • Length: approx. 120 minutes
  • Bilingual (English/Japanese)
  • English language mini-texts containing explicit recipes for all dishes prepared in Lessons 3 and 4 (on DVD).

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Lessons 3 and 4: Preparing Sashimi

Being surrounded by the sea, Japan has always been blessed with a wealth of seafood. As a result, raw fish has always played a central role in Japanese cuisine. The two most common types of raw fish dishes are sushi and sashimi. Lessons 3 and 4 focus on the fundamentals of sashimi preparation, that is, sliced raw fish.

In the Japanese kitchen, along with soups, sashimi is regarded as the most fundamental and important category of Japanese cuisine. The proper preparation of sashimi is a delicate art, using nothing more than precise cutting techniques to maximize flavor and freshness.

In these lessons you will learn the basic steps required to clean and fillet fresh fish, essential skills to the proper preparation of sashimi. In addition, you will also learn how to prepare dipping sauces and garnishes for proper presentation and flavor.

Fish Preparation and Sashimi Techniques:

  • Ike-jime: how to properly prepare the fish
  • How to clean the fish and properly remove the head and pectoral areas
  • 3-part and 5-part filleting
  • The preparation of garnishes and dipping sauces
  • How to slice the sashimi using the Hira-zukuri, Sogi-zukuri, and other methods

Recipes from Lessons 3 and 4:

  • Sea Bream Sashimi
  • Amberjack Sashimi
  • Paper-Thin Hirame Flounder Sashimi
  • Young Bluefin Tuna Light Grill Sashimi
  • Young Bluefin Tuna Cubed Sashimi

With English language mini-texts containing the recipes for all dishes in Lessons 3 and 4 prepared by TSUJI’s professors.

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