Poultry; Food and Serving Dishes

DVD 12: Lessons 23 - 24

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  • Length: approx. 120 minutes
  • Bilingual (English/Japanese)
  • Includes English language mini-texts containing explicit recipes for all dishes prepared in Lessons 23 and 24 (on DVD).

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Lesson 23: Poultry

First introduced into Japan near the end of the 19th century, poultry has quickly become a popular ingredient in Japanese cooking.

This lesson demostrates how to prepare chicken for use with traditional Japanese cooking methods.

Techniques in This Lesson

  • Proper chicken preparation and handling techniques
  • Traditional Japanese method to prepare chicken stock

Recipes from Lesson 23:

  • Soft-Simmered Chicken
  • Chicken One-Pot
  • Deep-Fried Chicken
  • Broiled Chicken, Yuan-Style

Lesson 24: Food and Serving Dishes

The beautiful presentation of food is an elemental component of Japanese cooking. The serving dishes chosen and the artful arrangement of the dish add tremendously to the taste and enjoyment of the overall experience of Japanese cuisine.

As with many aspects of Japanese cuisine, there are certain guidelines regarding the appropriate use of various serving vessels. An effort is always made to combine and match the food with the serving dish, the mastery of which takes experience and creativity.

A Variety of Serving Dishes for Japanese Cuisine

  • Learn about the variety of serving dishes used in Japanese cuisine
  • How to combine and arrange appropriate types of serving dishes for various foods

With English language mini-texts containing the recipes for all dishes in Lessons 23 and 24 prepared by TSUJI’s professors.

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