Aemono – Dressed Dishes; Nerimono and Yosemono – Stirred Dishes and Molded Dishes

DVD 8: Lessons 15 - 16

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  • Length: approx. 120 minutes
  • Bilingual (English/Japanese)
  • English language mini-texts containing explicit recipes for all dishes prepared in Lessons 15 and 16 (on DVD).

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Lesson 15: Aemono: Dressed Dishes

Aemono are foods that, having been salted, parboiled, simmered or otherwise prepared, are combined with a dressing or sauce which enhances and complements the flavor. Harmony of texture, color, shape, and taste between the ingredients and the dressing is key in the preparation of aemono.

Because the preparation and handling of aemono in Japanese kaiseki cuisine is very similar to that of sunomono (vinegared dishes) the two are often grouped together.

Aemono Techniques

  • The importance of preparing ingredients properly
  • When to combine the ingredients for the best results
  • Proper and effective presentation of aemono
  • The varieties of ingredients used for aemono dressings

Recipes from Lesson 15:

  • Spinach and Taro Stalk with Sesame Seed Dressing
  • Horse Mackerel with Unohana Dressing
  • Chicken Breast Fillet with Sesame Flavored White Dressing

Lesson 16: Nerimono and Yosemono: Stirred Dishes and Molded Dishes

Nerimono consists of dishes that require thorough stirring during the cooking process.

Yosemono are foods that are cooled and solidified by agar-agar or by gelatin.

As these preparation methods are typically used in cold dishes, they are popular in the hot summer season.

In Japanese cuisine, as occasion demands, nerimono and yosemono can be served as an appetizer to provide a seasonal delicacy, as a palate freshener between dishes, or as a dessert with the use of sweetener or fruits.

Nerimono and Yosemono Techniques:

  • Incorporating ingredients such as kudzu root starch, agar-agar, and gelatin into Japanese dishes
  • Adjustment of ingredient amounts to vary the finished dish
  • Proper and effective presentation of nerimono and yosemono

Recipes from Lesson 16:

  • Sesame Tofu
  • Mountain Yam Jelly
  • Flowing Tofu

With English language mini-texts containing the recipes for all dishes in Lessons 15 and 16 prepared by TSUJI’s professors.

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