Essential Japanese Cooking, Inc.

Complete Set Tsuji Cooking DVDs

Essential Japanese Cooking, Inc. is pleased to offer this 24-lesson instructional series presented on 12 DVDs. These lessons, which guide you, step-by-step, through the fundamental cooking methods found in the Japanese kitchen today, are unavailable anywhere else.

Essential Japanese Cooking, Inc. is an American company incorporated in the state of Nevada. Essential Japanese Cooking, Inc. has obtained the licensing rights for this Japanese Cooking series from the series producer, the TSUJI Culinary Institute (“TSUJI”) located in Osaka, Japan.

The TSUJI Culinary Institute:

TSUJI Culinary Institute Osaka, Japan
TSUJI Culinary Institute
Osaka, Japan

The TSUJI Culinary Institute is one of the largest professional culinary schools in Japan offering world class culinary programs in a wide range of cuisines. It offers intensive courses in Japanese, French, Italian and Chinese cooking and confectionery.

The TSUJI Culinary Institute Group is comprised of five schools in Osaka, Tokyo, and France including the TSUJI Culinary Institute and the TSUJI Institute of Patisserie in Osaka, and the TSUJI Schools of Advanced Studies in France. At the TSUJI Institute of Patisserie, students can perfect the skills in confectionery, bread baking and pastry arts. The TSUJI Schools of Advanced Studies in France caters to those who wish to finish their culinary and confectionary education with first-hand experience in Europe.

Since its foundation in Osaka in 1960, over 140,000 students have graduated from the TSUJI Culinary Institute Group programs, giving Japan a thriving world presence in the culinary and confectionary industries.

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